Understanding what is reverence in liturgy

Censing Altar What an incredible tool Internet is ! I've found while surfing on the internet this astonishing series of pictures. Could someone tell me where do they come from ? They come from Saint Clement Church website in Philadelphia (United States). They remind me somekind of the old and noble reverence required in the Very holy sacrifice of the mass. But there's a problem.Well to be honest with you, it looks like "Canada Dry". It has the taste of roman liturgy, it has the color of it, but that's not it…

Yes. The problem is that these men are anglican. Nobody's perfect. But what annoys me most is that they understand better than many of our roman catholic fellows what should be inside the heart of the faithfuls at this moment. Their silence and their pray is incredible. But there's a problem. They understand the importance of the difference between feast and sacrifice. The picture I've posted should be self-explanatory. But there's a problem. If they can do it, why not us ?



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